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Contract Negotiations
We are of the firm belief that our elite athletes have the sole focus of achieving new heights on the sports field
leaving all professional and corporate engagements to us as their trusted advisors in the board room. For this very
reason we at Lion Sports believe it is our task to appear, under our athlete’s instruction, in front of clubs and
corporates alike to negotiate the most lucrative deals which is in the best interest of our client. We believe that
there is more to contract negotiations than remuneration packages and agent’s fees. Therefore, our mission is to
come to complete consensus for the optimal outcome naturally satisfying the needs of our clients first and
foremost. Our team strives continuously to develop complete professionals as the player/agency relationship grows.

Transfer Market
The vast experience and passion for sports from our key role players ensures that the Lion Sports team is always
one step ahead of the crowd. Our international partners affords us the opportunity to be able to source our
athletes in regions that would be beneficial to their game but also their lifestyle and state of mind.

Marketing and Sponsorship
Building our clients’ image is one of our core competencies and priorities at Lion Sports. Our corporate networks are
vast, ranging to sports, fashion, property, food, health, tourism and financial services amongst many others.
Our business networks allow us better access to sponsorships and commercial opportunities for our clients than any of
our competitors.

Public Relations and Social Media
The manner in which athletes are viewed by their fan base and the public perception can at times be taxing on their
performances, but on the contrary it could also add that extra impetus. We take the stress out of dealing with the
media so that our clients can focus on doing what they love while simultaneously enhancing the athlete’s brand
within the sport’s industry and public eye.

Wealth Management
With Commlife’s 25 year track record in the financial services industry, it ensures financial advice that is second

to none in the sporting industry. Again, this is a competitive advantage given the access to finance
professionals in-house as opposed to engaging third party finance professionals. As we have seen with some of our
past sporting heroes, the lack of proper financial planning can see players penniless and destitute at the end of their
sporting careers. In most instances professional sportsmen and women get their opportunities to make a living at a

young age relative to most people, which makes the financial planning of the rest of their lives all the more
relevant. Lion Sports is blessed with in-house skills to guide athletes to make sound financial decisions, these services includes:
-Insurance broking

-Medical Aid advice

-Investment advice

-Property advice and management

-Tax advice

-Legal services

-Estate planning

Personal Development
It has been said that a professional is someone who has a combination of competencies, confidence and self-belief.

We strive to assist our athletes to become consummate professionals by assisting them in their personal

development to allow for a long and prosperous career. It is this personal development of the individual that best

fosters the talent and associated earning potential both during and post career. This includes:
-Media Training
-Financial literacy
-Exercise and Nutritional Advisors
-Life skills development
-Post career development